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We work really hard to provide enjoyable experiences for our hikers and we appreciate it when they share their experiences with others. Below are some of the reviews hikers have left on TripAdvisor and Facebook.  To view our reviews on these websites or to leave your own review, please click on the links below.


We did the waterfall hike with our 9-year old son. The hike was leisurely and initially led to a waterfall off the beaten path. We had to cross the river a few times and the trail got a little muddy, steep and slippery at times, but the hiking guide took his time with us and kept helping our son, who really enjoyed it. He was very knowledgeable about the the varies plants, trees and fruits and explained everything in detail. He also spotted a river eel as well as a unique-looking snail (turquoise)! The 2nd waterfall we got to was more popular with tourists, but great for a quick swim.

Overall a great experience. The group was basically just our family and it felt very personalized. Very enjoyable!

The only thing I could think of to make it even better would be air conditioning during our ride to and from the destination. (I understand that the locals prefer windows down.)​​

This people hold good to what they promise and more. If you're interessted in the journey and not just the destination, which is breathtaking, this are the tours you should choose. All the information you can digest about everything from plantlife to Grenadas political situation, a guide genuinly concerned about your safty and enjoyment and incredibly beautifull spots selected for you by these two "Soles" who are both as wise and knowledgable as any we found on this beautifull Island.

I had an amazing day in Grenada thanks to Amber and Syisha! Often when traveling abroad you want an authentic taste of the local flavor and environment, but then this can entail dealing with “island time,” feeling a bit unsafe, or exposing yourself to exploitation. No trade off needed with this crew! Amber was a great communicator setting up the tour, and honored their online rate despite me being solo. Syisha knocked on my hotel door at 8:29 for an 8:30 pick up and away we went. After hiking to a local lookout spot near St. George, Amber gave us a local baked treat along with fresh picked fruit, and also gave us sandwiches with fresh baked bread for later, awesome! 

Our planned adventure to see a few waterfalls got spoiled by an unexpected torrential downpour, but no worries, Syisha had a back up plan ready to go, and an hour later we were on the North part of the island looking at one of the most majestic views I’ve ever seen! 

I would highly recommend Wondering Soles to anyone who likes adventure and immersing themselves in the local environment.

Got to Grenada at 10pm with zero organised, contacted wondering soles Tuesday morning and by midday we were out on a hike with the very energetic guide Syisha. The hike included lunch (sandwich and fruits). The hike was short but involved scrambling over rocks which meant it took longer. We got to swim at the waterfall. It was rainforest so it was a bit muddy and involved using rocks as stepping stones. Recommend good hiking sandals (shoes will get wet/dirty) or hiking shoes that can get wet. Syisha stopped to point out interesting plants. Later we went to a nearby black sand beach and a cave with bats inside. Super adventurous outdoorsy day! 

The next day we went on a hike from mt Moritz to a look out near the beach, then a short swim at the beach. very different terrain/trees/plants. Another top day with Syisha. He is Grenadian but lived in the USA so it is very easy to understand him and we talked a lot throughout the days. 

The company is new and they offer a lot of different hiking options. It’s a bummer we couldn’t stay longer in Grenada to do some of the other hikes.

Whichever tour you choose with Wondering Soles, it is a trip garanteed to blow your mind... partly because the chosen hikes give you so many beatifull spots to enjoy, but also because Sayisha knows all about everything, and Amber is an organising genious! (We got on a tour, even though we were just me and my daughter, the very next day from contacting them!)
Grenada is a incredibly beautifull Island but for us the jungle has been a dream destination for all of our lives and I'm so glad we where lucky enough to find this people who made the experience into an unforgetable one. Stroling throug the jungle, beeing touched by a Hummingbird, hear, see feel, smell this place and at every corner discover something new... we could ask about any plant and be knowledgeably informed...we could ask about anything, from politics to history to the Why of every little thing and get an answer that shows how much Sayisha loves this place and the people in it and how much he understands about the workings of this country and the world we all live in...he seems a really wise man.
I have truly bad knees, but not to worry, Sayisha showed me where to put every single step so even I got unharmed to the Concordwaterfalls. For Candela, the Highlight was bathing under the Waterfall and of course the Golden Apple, what a fruit, thank you Amber, for the thought!
If we ever get to come back to Grenada, we're sure to take another Hike with you guys, I'm sure we didn't get to see all the plants and their medicinal uses yet...

We decided to try Wondering soles for a hike to 3 waterfalls in the rainforest. We met at the Concord waterfalls and hiked through rivers, mud, old plantations that had nutmeg trees, banana trees and other plant life; we climbed over and on top of large boulders and downed trees to see 2 other waterfalls: Fountainblue and one I can't remember the name of. It was a great hike. It lasted 3.5 hours and was difficult at times, easy at others and overall gratifying. Amber and Syisha were wonderful guides, full of information about the surrounding area as well as the island. I would recommend this hiking company for anyone who wants to truly experience the island and all it has to offer.


In layover croisière- January 2018- 4 friends looking for a hiking activity in kind out of the excursions offered by the cruise line. We found a beautiful web site, one of Grenada Wondering Soles. No comments yet travelers. An email, rapid response, and booked. We were met and the two leaders were picked up at the exit of the boat. By car, a quick tour through the city to get to the starting point. Nobody but us 4 and 2 guides along our hike, except for 3 hikers met for the second fall. No cruise yeah! The hike was made in part 2 is a first falling more difficult to access with a muddy path often having enjoyed longer this year it seems. A second fall with a beautiful pool at the base to bathe great! The tour ends with a visit to the site near the start of parking, empty except for our car, where there is a fall with qqs local shops and a swimming pool. Small lunch prepared by our responsible Amber. Back with a stop requested by us to a nutmeg ice that we shared with our guides. 2 great guides with vast knowledge of the fruit -... flore- Explanations - tasting -... Intermediate considering the muddy ground (after cleaning shoes) and small streams to cross often. Important Safety for our head guide who supervised and advised us on the path to take and our techniques. A great half day which was stretched to our liking. We highly recommend and long live Wondering Soles! We will return on your beautiful lush island cruise or stay on earth and certainly we hike with you then. Manon, Fanny, Hugues Martin and Montreal, Que. Canada

Hiked from the village of Mt Moritz overlooking the southern end of the island along a ridge and into the village of Fontenoy. Fantastic views. The start of the hike takes you up a steep road for about 5 minutes after which the trail is not difficult and would be suitable for children over 10 or even younger.

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