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"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." - John Muir
About Us


Wondering Soles is a hiking company that offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the real essence of Grenada.  


Our team is passionate about our country and we love the outdoors.  We want to share our island with you and give you the chance to see parts of Grenada that are not typical tourist attractions.   


Our motto is 'Conscious Hiking', and we aim to connect you with nature and with Grenada and all that it has to offer.  On our hikes, you will get the opportunity to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste Grenada.  


We look forward to connecting 'Soles' and 'Wondering' throughout the island together.


Hiking Tours

Wondering Soles will take you off the beaten track, and away from popular tourist attractions.  With the exception of the Waterfall Hike, all of our hikes are in St. George so require only a short drive to get to the starting point.  We want your time with us to be spent immersed in the natural environment as much as possible.  Overviews of our tours can be found below and more images can be viewed in our Gallery.

Waterfall Hike

US $60 per person

The popular Concord Waterfall in St. John is the starting point for the Waterfall Hike.  We'll head into the rainforest, traversing the river several times.  Our hike to Fontainbleu Waterfall will reveal an abundance of tropical flowers and other vegetation such as giant ferns, nutmeg and, cocoa trees.  A hike upstream through the rainforest and over large river stones will take us to the stunning Au Coin Waterfall where there is a crystal clear pool where we can stop for a swim and refreshments before hiking back through the rainforest.  At Concord Waterfall there is the opportunity to see Mona monkeys and purchase local handicrafts. 

Coastal Hike

US $50 per person

The rock pools along the south-west coast are teeming with schools of fish, crabs, sea urchins and anemones.  The Coastal Hike starts at Dragon Bay in St. George where we will negotiate the rocks while observing the spectacular marine ecosystem.  The rhythm of the sea can be heard in a chorus of drums as it ebbs and flows in the hollowed out rocks.  The hike will end at the picturesque beach in Dragon Bay, home of the Underwater Sculpture Park, where we can enjoy a swim and refreshments.

River Hike

US $50 per person

The River Hike starts at the entrance to Beasejour in St. George and crosses agricultural land before coming to the Beasejour River.  On this hike, we will mostly follow the river path where you will see many rare mushrooms, plants and trees, and get to sample fruits that are in season.  You will also see the mystery wall, a man-made structure in the middle of the rainforest.  The hike ends at a forest clearing where we can take a cool swim in a pool in the river.

Mountaintop Hike

US $40 per person

You'll feel on top of the world as you look out from the mountaintop of Mount Mariah.  The Mountaintop Hike starts in the unique village of Mt. Moritz in St. George where you will appreciate the stunning views looking out to the coast and the south of the island.  After a trek through the village, we will go offroad, picking up the bush trail where we will see a variety of tropical plants and trees.  The view from the top of the mountain of the surrounding hills and valleys is breathtaking, with its pinnacle overlooking a number of villages including Willis, Happy Hill, Mt. Parnassus and Richmond Hill.  

Bluff Hike

US $55 per person

The Fontenoy Bluff protrudes majestically out of the mountain overlooking the village of Fontenoy.  To get there we will start our hike in Mt. Moritz in St. George with a short walk to the top of the village before going off-road.  Nature lovers will be in their element as we immerse ourselves in the lush flora and fauna like bamboo stools, wild mushrooms and tropical flowers.  The views from the bluff are stunning and overlook Fontenoy, Grand Mal and the south of the island.

Bluff and Mountaintop Combo Hike

US $65 per person

This hike starts with a walk through the village of Fontenoy in St. George before trekking through the bush to the bluff with stunning views overlooking Fontenoy, Grand Mal and the south of the island.  The hike continues along a nature trail abundant with fruit trees and local fauna before reaching the base of Mount Mariah.  We will trek a short distance up the mountain to the pinnacle where the views of the surrounding valleys and mountains and south of the island will make you feel like you're on top of the world. 

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